Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Walmart has several thousand stores located in the United Sates and a large portion of these stores include a Tire and Lube center where you are able to get basic car maintenance on your vehicle performed. One aspect of these Tire and Lube Centers is their oil change service. Like everything else Walmart does, it does everything that it can to keep their prices lower than their competition in order to drive customers to their stores. Listed below are the steps that a Walmart Tire & Lube technician will perform when you bring in your vehicle for an oil change as well as places where you can find Walmart oil change coupons.

Walmart Oil Change Service

• Add up to five quarts of oil
• Install new oil filter
• Lubricate chassis (when applicable)
• Vacuum interior
• Wash windshield exterior
• Inflate tires to proper pressure

And fill:
• Transmission fluid
• Washer fluid
• Power steering fluid
• Differential fluid

And check:
• Electronic battery performance
• Air filter (except vans)
• Wiper blades
• Headlights
• Signal, brake and tail lights

$30.00 Standard Package (featured bulk oil or bottled oil, 5W20 included)
$40.00 High Mileage Package
$55.00 Synthetic Package (semi-synthetic blends or full synthetic)
$50.00 RV Package (featured oil, service available in select stores)
$25.00 Housebrand Package (Supertech oil)
*Vehicles requiring more than 5 quarts of oil will require an additional charge.

Chassis Lubrication$4.50
Oil Drain Plug and Plug Gasket ReplacementFree
Air Filter InstallationFree

***Parts brought in by customers, including oil and oil filters, should be subtracted from the total price of the requested service to arrive at the correct charge for the service. Subtracted prices should be based on Wal-Mart retail prices for like items.

Finding Walmart Oil Change Coupons

walmart-logoWe have found that the best way to locate coupons for your next Walmart Oil Change is to look in the Sunday edition of your local newspaper. This is due to the fact that recently we have been unable to find any online coupons for this service. One additional tip that you can try is to call your local Walmart Tire & Lube center to see if they are running any unadvertised specials or know of any specials that will be offered in the near future. In most cases they will let you know the best deal that they can currently offer in order to win your business.
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Regardless of finding a coupon or not the Walmart Oil Change prices are consistently among the lowest in the business.

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